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Denise Welsh
Denise Welsh, Traveler & Success Coach

Ever wonder how your personal experience has affected your own perceptions about the world and your social interactions?

I’ve found that traveling – placing myself in different cultures with different beliefs and customs – provided me with the opportunity to examine how I was thinking, feeling and reacting in different contexts. I realised there were things about me that I really liked and things that I wanted to change.

I’m Denise Welsh and I’ve been a Therapist and Coach for more than a decade, gaining qualifications in cutting-edge disciplines, proven to be the most effective ways to promote lasting, positive change.

I needed to overcome my own shyness – based in low self esteem issues, so I know what works. And now I am inspired to help others to feel good about themselves.

From childhood, being super self conscious had really stopped me from stepping out of the shadows. Through personal coaching, I came to understand that I was a ‘high sensitive’ and what was really missing was the self belief to try for the things I secretly wished for.

For me, it helped to be heard without judgement, to begin working out what needed to change. Ultimately, I came to understand it all comes down to confidence and self esteem. Self esteem, derived from self belief, is essential for success in all areas of life. This is the essence of courage.

Now, my expertise is to support clients to move beyond low self esteem and anxiety. Offering clients a set of strong tools for building self belief, I have been privileged to help clients advance steadily in their careers, to present at the highest levels, to overcome personal challenges and create rewarding relationships.

I’ve been traveling since I was three months old. As a child of first generation immigrants to the United States I learned two things. One was to feel comfortable in the company of people from all over the world, different nationalities, races and religions, because most of our family friends were expats.

The other thing I learned was how to cope when I felt like an outsider, which is so often the case through adolescence and the teenage years, but which felt more intensified when my parents were each from different cultures. How could they teach me to fit in when they didn’t know themselves. It took me some time to learn that wherever I am is ‘home’ and when I understood that, the world opened up for me.

In my work with clients …

My greatest reward comes from sharing my knowledge by coaching people to develop the self appreciation and self belief they need to be and do their best, in accordance with their heart’s desire

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