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Welcome to My Travel Journal!

They say home is where the heart is and it’s true.

My heart loves travelling, so I am most ‘at home’ when I’m on an adventure –

  • on a plane just about to take off …

  • on a train zipping – rather than chugging – past rice paddies in the rain …

  • on a luxury bus traveling through lush forests alternating with dry plains in Mexico …

In these pages, I write about places I’ve been and what I’ve learned in my travels. Included are some tips for those of you who are into ‘mildly extreme’ adventures – off the beaten track with a dollop of creature comforts thrown in.

What finally set me off on my travels?

After working in the arts and corporate training, I realised my inspiration is supporting people in getting past crippling self doubt to move towards their goals. Following my own curiosity, I trained as an intuitive therapist and success coach.

“Find things you love doing and do them, for that is the way to live”
– Jim Marcovitch

I heard myself telling people … ‘the lightbulb moment is when you understand that doing what delights and inspires you makes the path to your goals easier, more enjoyable and more likely to succeed’. Aha!

After a while, I realised I was in need of my own advice. Following my heart’s desire to the next destination meant heading off to the places I’d always dreamed of exploring.

Now, I’ve started my journeys and this blog tells some of my stories. Come and meet some of the people I’ve met and see some of the places I’ve seen … If you haven’t been yet, decide whether you’d like to go. If you have been, let me know if your experiences are similar or different.

And … if you want to know more about my coaching work, you’ll find some information here –

Happy Trails!


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