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Welcome to My Travel Journal!

They say that home is where the heart is and it’s true.

My heart loves traveling, so I am most ‘at home’ when I am on the road –

  • on a plane just about to take off …

  • on a train zipping – rather than chugging – past rice paddies in the rain …

  • on a luxury bus traveling through lush forests alternating with dry plains in Mexico …

In these pages, I write about places I’ve been and what I’ve learned in my travels. Included are some tips for those of you who are into ‘mildly extreme’ adventures ~ off the beaten track with a dollop of creature comforts thrown in.

Come and meet some of the people I’ve met and see some of the places I’ve seen … If you haven’t been yet, decide whether you want to go. If you have been, let me know if your experiences are similar or different.

Happy Trails!


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